The Perfect Steak at Pollards Inn, Willaston

The Perfect Steak at Pollards Inn, Willaston

How do you like your steak? Medium, Rare or well-done? With chips or fries? With a sauce or plain? Everyone has their own tastes, but most importantly your steak needs to be great quality and cooked to your liking. Get the basics right and you’ll get a meal to dine for! Why not take the guess-work out of cooking and leave it to the professionals and treat your selves to the perfect steak at Pollards Inn, Willaston.

The Perfect Steak at Pollards Inn, Willaston

Cooking Your Steak

Use a heavy-weight frying pan gets great results, or a heavy griddle pan, helping to get the right level of charring to the meat and adding that extra level of taste. Place your room-temperature meat into a really hot pan, making sure that there is plenty of room in the pan. A little oil in the pan or on the steak will help the cooking and enhance the flavour, remembering that oil in the pan needs to be hot to prevent under-browning. For those that don’t like to use oil, careful seasoning can bring out the natural taste of the meat, just don’t add salt too early as it can draw moisture from the steak.

The Perfect Steak at Pollards Inn, Willaston

How Do You Like Your Steak?

How long a steak should be cooked is the choice of the diner. Whenever a steak is being served there should be the choice of how you would like it cooking. Checks to see how well cooked a steak is include:

  • Rare – When cutting the steak it should be dark red in colour with juices flowing. The meat should feel soft and spongy with slight firmness 
  • Medium-rare – A lighter pink colour with a little less juice flowing.  The meat will be a little soft, spongy and springy. 
  • Medium – The meat should be pale pink in the middle with hardly any juice flowing, feeling firm and springy. 
  • Well-done – The meat should have a little pinkness but not dry, feeling soft and slightly springy. 

 The Perfect Steak at Pollards Inn, Willaston

Let Your Steak Rest After Cooking

One of the most important things to do when cooking any meat, including steaks, is to let the cooked meat rest. This is where the scientific bit happens, allowing the fibres in the meat to relax after cooking, helping them to reabsorb the juices and flavours of the meat. A general rule of thumb is to allow meat to rest for about half the time of the cooking, suggesting a steak should rest for at least 5 minutes after cooking.

Cooking steaks takes knowledge, training and practice and the team at Pollards Inn are experts. They understand the importance and intricacies of how to cook your steak, exactly as you like it.

The Perfect Steak at Pollards Inn, Willaston

Pollards Inn is a charming sandstone-built pub and restaurant, set in its own gardens in the middle of Willaston Village on the Wirral/Cheshire border, close to Chester, Liverpool and North Wales, it is the ideal place to relax and dine with family and friends.


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