How Many Years Have You Been Married?

How Many Years Have You Been Married?

Have you celebrated a wedding anniversary recently? Maybe you have one looming soon. You may be lucky and have a significant, “milestone” wedding anniversary next time. Do you have plans to celebrate it and present each other with a traditional anniversary gift? What about a themed party and invite all your friends and family. So how many years have you been married?

How Many Years Have You Been Married?

Back in Roman times, husbands used to present their wives with a silver wreath for 25 years of marriage and a Golden wreath for 50 years. Modern times have adopted these traditions and created Silver wedding anniversaries and Golden wedding anniversaries. Over the years other dates and names have been added and now runs to 80 years of marriage.

How Many Years Have You Been Married?

In case you’ve wondered what the name of each wedding anniversary is, here’s a complete list of the traditional names for each year:

1st       Paper

2nd      Cotton

3rd       Leather

4th       Linen

5th       Wood

6th       Iron

7th       Copper/Wool

8th       Bronze/Pottery

9th       Willow/Copper

10th     Aluminium/Tin

11th     Steel

12th     Silk/Linen

13th     Lace

14th     Ivory

15th     Crystal

20th     China

25th     Silver

30th     Pearl/Ivory

35th     Coral

40th     Ruby

45th     Sapphire

50th     Gold

55th     Emerald

60th     Diamond

65th     Blue Sapphire

70th     Platinum

80th     Oak

The Queen recognises married couples who reach 60th, 65th, 70th and every year after that, by sending a personal message from Buckingham Palace.

If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary soon, why not have a party or get together at Pollards Inn in Willaston. They have the perfect answer for those wanting a function room that is comfortable and welcoming for your guests. The Room at the Inn is entirely private, with its own bar area, fireplace and dining rooms, built from traditional sandstone, traditionally decorated and is full of character. It really is an ideal place to celebrate your wedding anniversary, whichever year you are celebrating.

How Many Years Have You Been Married?

The Team at Pollards Inn will discuss with you about expected numbers of guests, seating plans and table configurations, menu ideas, drinks and wines and about any special requirements. Their attention to detail is perfect. They will advise and support you and help with the final arrangements, reducing the pressure on you arranging your wedding anniversary party. Nothing is too much trouble.

How Many Years Have You Been Married?

Pollards Inn is a charming sandstone pub, restaurant and private function venue, set in its own gardens in the heart of Willaston village on the Wirral – Cheshire border, close to Chester, North Wales and Liverpool. With superb transport access, incredible local history and stunning surroundings, it is the perfect venue to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary.

How Many Years Have You Been Married?

The Team would be delighted to meet with you and show you The Room at the Inn and to discuss your requirements for your party. Give them a ring and arrange a suitable time for you to see the venue and plan your celebration.

How Many Years Have You Been Married?

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How Many Years Have You Been Married?

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